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Michael Görner

Michael Görner / 'v4hn'

address: University of Hamburg
Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Science
Department Informatics, Group TAMS
Vogt-Kölln-Straße 30
D-22527 Hamburg
position: Ph.D. candidate
room: F-315
phone: +49 (0) 40 42883-2432
github: https://github.com/v4hn

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Day-long Workshop on MoveIt at ROS-I Fall Workshop 2019, October 9th

Henning Kayser, a former student of mine and co-maintainer of MoveIt, and I were invited to Stuttgart to hold a workshop on Motion and Manipulation Planning with MoveIt. More details can be found in the ROS-I blog post.

Workshop on Autonomous Robotics at the Interdisciplinary College 2019, March

Together with Jochen Sprickerhof, I got invited to present the field of autonomous robotics at this year's Interdisciplinary College in Günne.

Main focus of the workshop was the autonomous control of the Turtlebot2 robot platform. Participants experimented with the provided interfaces and their own idea to build a resilient and adaptive behavior. As a highlight, the programmed robots competed against each other on the last day of the workshop. All teams successfully integrated their ideas and provided a custom behavior. Congratulations to the clear winner!

Here is the link to the workshop website: Link.

World MoveIt! Day 2018, October 25th

Moving from city to city, this year Germany's World MoveIt! Day was hosted in Stuttgart. I was invited to coordinate the event there.

With 16 capable programmers, partially from various close-by companies, partially from academia, we spent the day working with MoveIt!. After some initial presentations, individual groups formed and worked on a variety of topics.

Read the full report here.

First Place at IROS 2018 Mobile Manipulation Hackathon

At this year's IROS in Madrid, PAL robotics hosted the robotics competition Mobile Manipulation Hackathon. The competition was designed to be very open and no concrete tasks were given. Instead, PAL sponsored a number of their TIAGo robot platforms for the event and participants had to propose their own example-scenario featuring their own research points.

We promised to present a mobile bartender setup serving drinks to thirsty engineers. After a few months of offline preparation, we visited PAL's laboratory in Barcelona for one week to implement everything on the real platform. After a lot of sleepless nights and hard work we managed to deliver the promised scenario as a live demo during the competition. The judges seemed impressed and awarded us a shared first place.

The overall setup included work on Human Perception, Object Pose Estimation, Ordering through Pointing Gestures on a Menu, Mobile Manipulation, and High-Level Task Coordination.

Check out the competition video.

Mentoring Google Summer Of Code in MoveIt!, Summer 2018

This year, I was involved as a Mentor for MoveIt!'s GSoC project and supervised Ridhwan Luthra. The goal of his work was improve the documentation and current state of MoveIt's Perception support.

In the process he fixed a number of bugs with the current system and implemented a perception tutorial illustrating an intuitive workflow often used in practice.

Read the report here.

World MoveIt! Day 2017, October 18th

After the tremendous success last year, we organized the World MoveIt! Day again this year.

This year, we hosted the German event in Munich at Magazino and I was invited to supervise it there. They are a group of hard-working engineers actually deploying autonomous systems in the wild and maintaining the systems online. The ROS-community should be grateful for all the experience they contribute back in numerous patches and open projects.

After a number of overview presentations in the morning, we started working on individual issues. With overall 13 gifted roboticists around, we managed to resolve a number of long-standing issues in the framework. Thanks everyone!

Read the full report here.

World MoveIt! Day 2016, August 23rd

This was the first time the MoveIt! community organized a worldwide World MoveIt! Day event. We aimed to get together to exchange insights and future perspectives as well as resolve as many known problems as possible.

I was invited to organize the German World MoveIt! Day in Münster this year. The event was hosted by Xamla Robotics Team at Provisio GmbH in Münster. It was a tremendously productive event with nine brillient robotics engineers at our location, overall the event resolved 65 Pull-requests.

Read the full report here.

Workshop on Hands-On Autonomous Robotics at IK2016, March 4th-11th

Together with my colleague and former mentor Jochen Sprickerhof, we were invited to organize a Workshop at the Interdisciplinary College 2016.

We introduced participants to the area of mobile autonomous robots, creating 2D and 3D maps of the environment and implementing simple navigation algorithms to follow human operators.

The workshop-specific website is hosted here.


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