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The image above shows a thumbnail of the interactive Java applet embedded into this page. Unfortunately, your browser is not Java-aware or Java is disabled in the browser preferences. To start the applet, please enable Java and reload this page. (You might have to restart the browser.)

Circuit Description

This applet is meant to demonstrate RTLIB animation. If selected, the editor will update the value labels on RLTIB registers and OpinVector components during each periodic repaint. Also, the currently selected 'active' data input of RTLIB multiplexers is indicdated with a small rectangle.

In the example circuit, the IpinVector input values, the current counter value, the OpinVector output values, and the multiplexer state are updated periodically during the simulation.

Due to the need of updating the graphical representation of possibly many RTLIB components, selecting rtlib-animation can severely slow-down a simulation. On most Java virtual machines, the formatting and repainting of text-objects is (even) slower than the line-drawing operations required for basic glow-mode.

You might want to disable rtlib-animation if performance is critical to your application. However, please remember that the last values painted while rtlib-animation was still selected (possibly the values from circuit initialization) are not overwritten anymore. In other words, when rtlib-animation is off, the values shown on the schematics may not represent the actual values during the simulation. Therefore, the applet version of Hades currently does not include a GUI control to switch-off rtlib-animation. In the editor (e.g. the webstart version), select the menu/layers/rtlib-animation checkbox menu-item to enable or disable rtlib-animation.

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