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In the following, posters can be downloaded which were presented by members of the institute TAMS on serveral occasions.
Author(s) Title Size
Kai Hübner, Daniel Westhoff "Quantitative bilateral symmetry detection for robust illumination invariant features" 4.2 MB
Daniel Westhoff "A dynamic architecture to develop distributed software for multi-modal service robots" 0.8 MB
Sascha Jockel "3D Rekonstruktion einer Tischszene aus monokularen Handkamera-Bildsequenzen" 2.2 MB
Martin Weser "Real-Time Fusion of Multimodal Tracking Data" 0.6 MB
Martin Weser "Multisensory Memory Representation of Robot Actions" 2.2 MB
Houxiang Zhang "Building and Understanding Robotics-a Practical Course for Different Levels Education" 0.3 MB
Houxiang Zhang "Effective Pneumatic Scheme and Control Strategy of a Climbing Robot for Class Wall Cleaning on High-rise Buildings" 0.3 MB