Fachbereich Informatik

Graphical User-Interface for the Shadow-Hand

Bachelor- or Master-Thesis at group TAMS


The Shadow Dexterous Robot Hand is an advanced robotic hand that closely matches the size of a male human hand. With four joints per finger and five joints for the thumb, and an actuated wrist, it can mimic a large subset of human grasps and manipulation motions.

The software provided for the hand consists of a real-time loop that generates motor commands and reads sensor values at 1kHz rate. Integrated into the ROS framework, the rviz tool allows for 3D visualization for the current hand pose. We also have a very basic user interface that allows to select the hand control mode and to use graphical sliders to control individual motors, and software for hand teleoperation from a dataglove or from RGB-D camera data.

However, we currently have no nice graphical user-interface that would allow us to quickly switch between the different control modes or to visualize the internal state of the hand (e.g. joint positions and joint torques, motor temperatures, tactile fingertip data, deviations of current hand state from the last commanded values, errors, etc.).

Potential application scenarios

The precise scope of the software implementation is to be discussed, with a basic functionality achievable in a BSc-thesis, while several of the more advanced topics are more in range of MSc-thesis. Given the current Corona restrictions, large parts of the software can be designed (and tested) with the existing documentation and simulation models of the hand. Actual evaluation of the software will probably require tests and experiments on the real robot in our lab.

Thesis Goals: