Fachbereich Informatik

Multitouch Robot Control

Bachelor Thesis at group TAMS in cooperation with HCI (also possible as master thesis)
Auch in deutscher Sprache möglich.


Touch-based interfaces are becoming more and more common, and basic gestures like pointing, dragging, flanging, and pinch-zoom are established standards in many applications. However, the situation is much more open regarding multi-touch interaction. In the thesis, we want to explore different ways of multi-touch interaction to control a robot system including a multi-fingered hand. In previous work [Toh et.al. 2012], pinch-gestures with two or three fingers of one hand were used to directly operate (open and close) the fingers of the robot hand, while the other human hand remained free to control and move the robot. We want to explore the possibilities and limits of such interaction, creating a safe yet efficient control modality for robot control. One aspect is the different size of the input device; while a multi-touch table is large enough for full arm motions and even offers enough space for multi-user collaboration, typical 7" or 10" inch size tablets will require more restricted motions.