Fachbereich Informatik

Placing of Electronic Components inside a 3D-Printer

Bachelor Thesis at group TAMS (also possible as master thesis)
Auch in deutscher Sprache möglich.


The integration of electronic wires and components into 3D-printed objects is an emerging active research topic. During the last two years, we augmented an industrial grade FDM 3D-Printer for our Conductive Printing Project. The printer is now capable of printing conductive material to generate electric wires with a second extruder.
In addition, we installed a vacuum gripper and two cameras to automatically handle and place electronic components during the printing process. The components are prepared on a tray by a human operator. In a first step, the small component must be located on the tray. After gripping the component, a second camera is used to correct its rotation and position to achieve a precise alignment with the conductive traces.

The hardware setup and a basic implementation is working, but not sufficiently reliable and accurate. A fast and highly accurate image processing is crucial for the entire process, a single misplaced component causes the failure of the entire printjob. The existing implementation could be improved, a redesign from scratch is also possible.




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