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MING-T — Multistandard Integrated Network Convergence for Global Mobile and Broadcast Technologies

MING-T project

The MING-T Project is part of the EU's sixth Framework Programme (FP6) for Research and Technological Development.

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As we move towards an era of widespread information availability, an effective system of convergence among the new broadcasting technologies, internet technology, and mobile systems becomes increasingly important. Countries are deploying multiple broadcast technologies; it will remain a key challenge for the industry and user communities to provide a uniform platform to content providers, and convergence is critical to overcoming this challenge.

The goal of MING-T is to research, develop, prototype, integrate and validate the interoperability and handover issues of the representative mobile digital broadcast standards developed in China and Europe. MING-T will address the issues of convergence between broadcast standards and mobile communications network technologies. A further goal of the project is to foster cooperation between Europe and China in both industry and research communities. The project will particularly address the convergence of the European DVB-H standard with the emerging Chinese standard (temporarily named as DMB-T) with a view to providing a harmonized framework. In addition the project will consider the convergence between broadcast and mobile technology networks to provide a unified platform for the delivery of services to mobile terminals. Finally, the project will address the issue of how to deliver these services with a consistent level of quality to rich media applications across mixed broadcast networks, and in particular of how scalable video coding may deal with this issue.

Main Project Objectives

  1. Develop an architecture that can provide seamless access in converged digital broadcasting and mobile communications networks.
  2. Incorporate Chinese DMB-T into the multi-standard framework.
  3. Apply advanced scalable coding techniques for the services in the converged digital broadcasting and mobile communications networks environment.
  4. Conduct field trials to provide validation support for the usability of the technologies developed.


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