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CINACS — Cross-modal Interaction in Natural and Artificial Cognitive Systems

CINACS project

Within this international graduate colleg we will investigate the principles of cross-modal interactions in natural and cognitive systems to implement them in artificial systems. Research will primarily consider three sensory systems (vision, hearing and haptics) and their interactions. We will study multisensory interaction in natural systems with behavioural, electrophysiological and neuroimaging techniques. Different paradigms including cross-modal association learning, sensorimotor control, cross-modal illusions and multisensory language perception will be used to uncover the principles of multisensory processes and multimodal representation.

The research program will aim at understanding the biological mechanisms of cross-modal processing and its role in perception and behavioural control. Furthermore, our goal is to design models, implement algorithms and architectures for more robust artificial multimodal systems which can function like natural systems.

This project, accomplished by the University of Hamburg and the University of Tsinghua, Beijing, is funded by the DFG and the Chinese Ministry of Education.


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