Fachbereich Informatik

Directed Projects

  •  EURON-IG: Coordinator of the Interest Group Skill Learning / Multimodale Interaction (sponsored for 2001) in the frame of the European Robotics Research Network EURON
  •  SFB-D4: Project D4 "Multisensor-based Exploration and Assembly" of SFB 360 "Situated Artificial Communicators" (Video: Body-assambly)
  •  SFB-D5: Projekt D5 "Action and Perception Autonomy Interplaying with Instruction" of SFB 360" (Video: Multimodal Instruction) (Video: Alignment) (Video: Doublearm-Kooperation)
  •  SFB-A4: Projekt A4 "Speech-perception based action" of SFB 360
  •  "Development of a Laboratory Robot for Sample Management" founded by DECHMA (German Society of Chemical Engineering) (Video: Operating of a ^Centrifuge ) (Video: Handling of Test Tubes )
  •  "An Omni-Directional Image Sensor for Robot Localization" (Video: Visuelle Localization)
  •  "An Autonome Zeppelin for Indoor-Flying" (Video: Zeppelin)
  •  Neuro-Fuzzy Control of Sensorbased Robotic Systems" (Video: Shooting-Rob)