Fachbereich Informatik


Jianwei Zhang is professor and director of TAMS, Department of Informatics, University of Hamburg, Germany. He received both his Bachelor of Engineering (1986, with distinction) and Master of Engineering (1989) at the Department of Computer Science of Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, his PhD (1994) at the Institute of Real-Time Computer Systems and Robotics, Department of Computer Science, University of Karlsruhe, Germany. Jianwei Zhang is life-long Academician of Academy of Sciences in Hamburg Germany.

Jianwei Zhang´s research interests include multimodal informatin processing; cognitive sensor fusion; fast learning algorithms; neuro-fuzzy models for sensory-motor control tasks; reinforcement learning of assembly sequences; natural human-robot interaction; self-valuing learning of robot grasping and in-hand manipulation; multimodal learning architecture; experience-based robot learning; coded structured light for 3D modelling; best view algorithm for active robot vision; bio-inspired multimodal control, modular reconfigurable robots; surgical assistant robots; mobile manipulation service robots, etc. In these areas he has published about 500 journal and conference papers, technical reports and four books. He holds 40+ patents on intelligent components and systems.

Jianwei Zhang is the coordinator of the DFG/NSFC Transregional Collaborative Research Centre SFB/TRR169 “Crossmodal Learning: Adaptivity, Prediction and Interaction” and several EU robotics projects, including the RACE (Robustness by Autonomous Competence Enhancement) Project which is the first one applying high-level learning, planning and reasoning AI methods in service robots. He has received multiple best paper awards. He is the General Chairs of IEEE MFI 2012, IEEE/RSJ IROS 2015, and the International Symposium of Human-Centered Robotics and Systems 2018.

For the Bachelor courses of Informatics, Jianwei Zhang teaches Computer Structures and Organization Introduction to Robotic, and Embedded Systems. For the Master courses of Informatics, he holds Intelligent Robot Systems, Machine Learning, and Advanced Seminar on Intelligent Multimodal Robot Systems. As a PhD course of Interdisciplinary Research Training, he also teaches Advanced Multimodal Information Processing.