Fachbereich Informatik

Biographical Sketch

  •  B. Eng. (1986) M. Eng. (1989) Computer Science of Department of Computerscience, Tsinghua University, Beijing, VR China
  •  Research Assistant at IPR (Institute of Real-Time Computer Systems and Robotics), Department of Computer Science of the University of Karlsruhe
  •  PhD., University of Karlsruhe, 1994
  •  Assistant Professor from October 1994 to September 2001
  •  Professor from Oktober 2001 - Juli 2002 of the University of Bielefeld, Technical Faculty, AG TI
  •  Since August 2003 Full-Professor at the University of Hamburg, Department of Computerscience and head of the institute 'Technical Aspects of Multimodal Systems' (TAMS)