Fachbereich Informatik

64-850-P2 Masterproject Intelligent Robotics (Part 2)

Room: F-326 (PR2 lab)
Date: Thursday, 12:15 - 15:45
Organizer: Michael Görner, Norman Hendrich

This course constitutes the second part of the yearly Master Project.

Relevant topics

Marimbabot Scenario

The project focuses on the development of a robotic system capable of playing musical notes and chords on a marimba. The system integrates various technologies, including optical music recognition, audio command processing, and precise motion control. It employs a custom vision model to read musical notes from a whiteboard and utilizes voice recognition to interpret human commands, and finally evaluates the robot’s performance with audio feedback. The project encompasses hardware components, including 3D-printed com- pliant mechanisms and servomotors, to mimic human-like mallet strikes. This multifaceted project demonstrates the fusion of robotics, music, computer vision, and audio processing, showcasing a robot capable of performing a complex musical instrument with precision. The entire project, including code and documentation, can be found on GitHub.

"Marimbabot" Master Project Report

Final project report (3.3 MB pdf).

Final project demo slides (3 MB pdf).

https://github.com/UHHRobotics22-23/MarimbaBot Github repository.


Final project demo video (17 MB mp4).