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Using the popup-menu

Using the popup-menu screenshot


Many editing and viewing operations in the Hades schematics editor are selected via the popup menu on the main editor canvas. The main advantage of using the popup menu is that the editor can use the screen coordinates of the popup menu origin as the first coordinate required for the selected operation. This means that there is less need for lengthy mouse movements, because an operation can be selected right at its target position in the circuit schematic.

The following screenshot shows an example of the popup-menu with one of its submenus. Typically, the popup-menu includes the 'create' submenu which allows to add new simulation components to your schmematic, the 'wire' submenu to edit signal wires, and the 'zoom' submenu. Select the 'edit' menu on a simulation component to open its property sheet or its customized editor.

editor screenshot with popup menu

Note that the popup-menu is not compiled into the Hades software, but is constructed dynamically during the editor startup phase. This means that you can create your own customized popup-menu via changing the value of the "Hades.Editor.PopupMenuResource" property. Details about why and how to customize the popup-menu can be found in the Hades tutorial.

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