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user-interface overview

user-interface overview screenshot


The following screen shot shows an overview of the Hades user interface, when configured to use the Swing GUI and edit mode. Some of the components, notably the menu bar and the simulation control panel, may not be shown when running in the viewer mode. The decision of whether to use edit or view mode is made by the web page designer and (at least at the moment) cannot be changed while the applet is running.

Hades editor screenshot

The basic layout of the user interface should be familiar. In consists of the following main components, from top to bottom:

Please note that several editor functions are disabled in the applet version of Hades. Just use the webstart-version or download and run the Hades editor as an application to create and edit your own circuits.

In the (near) future, we intend to provide a 'low-fat' version of the applets to reduce the download size and therefore download time. The program size of the hades-applet.jar software archive which includes the simulator, GUI, and gate level simulation models will be about 1 MBytes, while the complete hades.jar application archive is over 5 MBytes.

Run the applet | Run the editor (via Webstart)

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