My name is Klaus Boje von der Heide.
Klaus and Boje are first names and von der Heide is the family name. I explicitely say that because I gathered a large and funny collection of letters naming me Mrs. Dr. Heide von der Klaus or simply Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. von, .

Some Personal Data

Born in 1941. Radio Amateur License since 1959.
I studied Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy at the University Hamburg.

Current Position

Professor of Computer Science at the University Hamburg
in the Department Technical Computer Science

Teaching Area

Basic Courses in Computer Science,
Advanced Courses in Computer Architecture, Digital Signal Processing, Chip Design.
Some Course Material is based on MATLAB and is available on request (look at Download).

Scientific Area

Computer Architecture, Digital Signal Processing, Fault Tolerance

Personal Interests

Digital Communication in Amateur Radio, Coding Theory and the whole world of nature. Pactor1/2 is my favorite mode on HF, CW, SSB, FSK441 and JT65B on VHF. But mostly I am simulating new modes on the computer. So DJ5HG is rare on the bands.


Compiled Matlab Programs (Freeware)

Nearly all these programs (and many more, that possibly will be compiled later) were used by me for years. I always start them from inside the Matlab environment, not using any graphical user interface. In 2004, The Mathworks presented an entirely new concept of a Compiler for Matlab. Using this compiler, I can deploy programs that I originally made for my personal use. But the compiled programs cannot be started within the Matlab environment, they only use an encrypted version of Matlab (the Matlab Component Runtime). To be useful, I had to program graphical user interfaces for these programs. These GUIs are not tested in all possible situations. Also, there might be problems due to specific hardware on platforms. I will collect reports and, as far as there is time, try to remove problems. Although I'm not the youngest, I am fully engaged in my job at the university. So please be patient. Also, a positive report on a lucky running program might be helpful while I am getting buried by error messages.

To run these Programs you have to download and install the Matlab Component Runtime on your computer. Sorry, this is nearly 100 MB. Then download the zipped program folders you want and inflate them into appropriate directories. Now the programs can be started by a double click on the *.exe in your file browser or generate an icon.

The programs are for WinXP. They do not run on older Windows, and probably, will not run on newer ones. Most of the programs soon will also be available for Linux, MacOSX, and Solaris:

The programs are OpenSource. If you have a Matlab license, and want to learn from the programs, or want to improve them, then let me know.

Go to the DJ5HG Download Page


Useful Meteorscatter Data

Some FSK441 Meteor Scatter WAVE-files

Amateur Radio Station:

144 MHz antenna: 2 x 3 x 7 element FLEXA turned by hand within 2 seconds to any direction in azimuth and elevation
144 MHz receiver: 0.5 dB preamp, IC-706, DSP, laptop
144 MHz transmitter: laptop, IC-821, PA 600 W
432 MHz: IC-821 20 W + 13 Element Yagi
1270 MHz: IC-706 + Transverter 12 W + 1 m dish
2400 MHz: Converter to 432 MHz IC-821 + 1 m dish

Postal Adresses:

Location of DJ5HGKlaus von der Heide
JO53clSichter 1
D - 21029 Hamburg

Location of DJ5HG (VHF and Satellite)Klaus von der Heide
JO53imSeestr. 128
D - 21514 Güster

UniversityProf. Dr. Klaus von der Heide
Universität Hamburg
- Informatik -
Vogt-Kölln-Str. 30
D - 22527 Hamburg


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