Fachbereich Informatik

64-476 Oberseminar Technische Aspekte Multimodaler Systeme

Raum F-334
Zeit Dienstag 16:15 - 17:45 Uhr
Veranstalter Jianwei Zhang


16.10. Vorbesprechung und Terminvergabe
Human-Robot Skill Transfer with EMG-based Control
Presenter Chao Zeng
Folien Slides: Slides 8.0 M pdf

23.10. IROS 2018 / RosCon Hightlights
Presenter Michael Görner, Hongzhuo Liang, Shuang Li
Folien ROSCon Highlights: Slides 9.4 M pdf
IROS2018Hightlights: Slides 10.0 M pdf

30.10. Predictive Planning with Self-Explored Push Dynamics
Presenter Henning Kayser
Slides Slides 6.9 M pdf

13.11. Secondment at Tsinghua University
Presenter Zhen Deng
Slides Slides 5.0 M pdf
Summary: In this talk, I will introduces: 1) my work in Tsinghua University. The work is to learn in-hand manipulation using DRL; 2) Prof Sun's lab from Tsinghua University; 3) a tactile sensor from Prof Pan's lab.

27.11. 3D Printing of nonplanar Layers
Presenter Daniel Ahlers
Slides Slides 2.5 M pdf
  Short Introduction: Automatic Robotic Rivet Screwing based on Image Processing and Laser Scanning
Presenter Yong Wang
Slides Slides 2.0 M pdf

04.12. Deep reinforcement learning leg-locomotion
Presenter Marc Bestmann
Slides Slides 5.5 M pdf

11.12. Kickoff for a regular colloquium
Presenter Everyone
Summary: We aim to establish a regular meeting at TAMS to discuss ideas, work-in-progress and current challenges. This oberseminar slot will serve as kickoff and lets us discuss how exactly we want to organize it.
Everyone should have 1-3 slides(or just pictures) available to talk about something they worked on in the last 2-3 weeks. The updates should be short, i.e. maximum 10 minutes.

18.12. About Fretted Musical Instruments
Presenter Norman Hendrich
Summary: Stringed musical instruments are among the most affordance-rich mechanical objects. The talk presents work-in-progress towards playing fretted musical instruments (e.g. lute, guitar, bass, pipa) with humanoid robots. I will present contact models, estimate expected finger forces, and analyze human demonstrations for typical hand poses and motion speeds. I then discuss motion primitives for plucking and strumming and introduce motion planning for fretting and playing chords.
Slides Slides 10 M pdf

08.01. Natural Language Visual Grounding with Keyword-Aware Attention Network
Presenter Jinpeng Mi
Summary: This presentation focuses on natural language visual groundig which aims to locate the most relevant object in an image according to a given natural langauge expression.
Slides Slides 4.7 M pdf

15.01. Pouring
Presenter Hongzhuo Liang
Slides Slides 3.0 M pdf

22.01. Automatic Robotic Rivet Screwing based on Image Processing and Laser Scanning
Presenter Yong Wang
Slides Slides 4.5 M pdf

29.01. Evaluation of Feature Finders for Robot Calibration
Presenter Jasper Güldenstein
Slides Slides 7.3 M pdf

29.01. PR2 Introduction
Presenter Yannick Jonetzko
Slides Slides 6.6 M pdf