Fachbereich Informatik

64-476 Oberseminar Technische Aspekte Multimodaler Systeme

Raum F-334
Zeit Dienstag 16:15 - 17:45 Uhr
Veranstalter Jianwei Zhang


03.04. Vorbesprechung und Terminvergabe

10.04. Advanced Persistent Threat Detection
Vortragender: Jiazhong Lu

24.04. Multitouch Robot Control
Vortragender: Merlin Steuer
Summary: The talk presents an Android App for teleoperation of the Shadow robot hand and the Kuka LWR robot arm. Three different multitouch control strategies (absolute and relative direct fingertip mapping, grasp synergies) are discussed.
Folien Slides 4 MB pdf

01.05. 1. Mai

08.05. Dynamic pouring with the UR5-Arm
Vortragender: Jeremias Hartz
Folien Slides 4.0 M pdf

15.05. Visual Slam based on Deep-Learning Methods
Vortragender: Jianzhi Lyu
Folien Slides 3.3 M pdf

22.05. Pfingstferien

29.05. Learning to grasp by multi-finged robotic hand
Vortragender: Zhen Deng
Summary: The talk introduces my current work on grasp planning: 1) Grasp planning with grasp type detection and localization; 2) Grasp planning with visual analysis; 3) Future work: a unified grasp planning framework.
Folien Slides 5.0 M pdf

05.06. 3D Printing of Non-Planar Layers for Smooth Surface Generation
Vortragender: Daniel Ahlers
Zusammenfassung: This talk presents a way to print non-planar layers with standard FDM 3D printers. Non-planar layers remove the stair-stepping effect on surfaces with a slope close to horizontal without increasing the print time.
Folien Slides 6.9 M pdf

05.06. ICRA 2018 highlights
Presenter: Norman Hendrich
Summary: The talk presents a (very subjective, low-quality mobile-phone pictures) selection of talks and ideas from the recent ICRA'2018 conference in Brisbane.
slides Slides 217.0 M pdf (Informatics/VPN only)

12.06. Development of an FPGA-based Smart Camera for RoboCup
Vortragender: Dennis Reher
Folien Slides 1.4Mi pdf

19.06. Action Analysis based on RNN / Meta Learning for Object Detection Based on Multimodal Data
Vortragender: Dan Liu, Di Zhang
Zusammenfassung: (Dan Liu)The report presents two works. One is Intention Learning in Ping-Pang-Playing and another work is a skeleton-based sequence prediction learning method for action recognition.
Zusammenfassung: (Di Zhang)The report gives a brief introduction to the PhD Research Proposal.
Folien Slides 27.0 M pdf

26.06. Human Hand-Motion Segmentation
Vortragender: Eugen Richter

03.07. Cancelled (Fachberatung / CML PI Meeting)

10.07. Sensor-Driven Topology Optimization for Additively Manufactured Humanoid Robotic Parts
Vortragender: Julian Deinert
Folien Slides 4.0 M pdf

17.07. Topology-aware Routing for 3D-printed Electronics
Vortragender: Florens Wasserfall
Folien Slides 15.3 M pdf

25.07. Flexible Endoscopic Surgery Robots
Vortragender: Prof. Dong-Soo Kwon, KAIST
Abstract: This talk will present research on flexible surgical robotics of KAIST center for future Medical robotics. We believe that surgical robots should be developed considering the benefits to surgeons with easy and intuitive control, to patients with minimum invasiveness and fast recovery, and to hospitals with affordable cost and reduction of surgery time.

07.08. PointGPD / Teleoperation
Vortragender: Hongzhuo Liang / Shuang Li
Zusammenfassung: Report the work secondee in Tsinghua University.
Folien Hongzhuo Liang: Slides 4.4 M pdf
Folien Shuang Li: Slides 10.6 M pdf