Fachbereich Informatik

64-425 Integrated Seminar: Intelligent Robotics

Rooms G-021/G-022, G-203
Time Mo 16:15 - 17:45 Uhr
Organizers Lasse Einig, Marc Bestmann


Rules of Conduct


Date G-021/G-022 G-203
2017-10-16 Introduction to our group, possible topics, scheduling presentations
2017-10-23 Literature research training at library @14:15-15:45. Lecture @16:15-17:45
Registered Participants:
Amate Ramirez, Betz, Bhansali, Caus, de Aliveira da Costa, Glaser, Güldenring, Hartz, Innocentini, Köksal, Körnig, Lembcke, Özdemir, Pérez de Olaguer Santamaría, Ramaswamy, Sanchez, Sharma, Surendrakumar, Thebille.
2017-10-30 Brief LaTeX Introduction. Bring your Laptop if possible.
Morteza Haghshenas
Evolving Soft Robots with Bio-Inspired Artifical Intelligence
Marc Bestmann & Lasse Einig
2017-11-06 Date cancelled!
2017-11-13 Gerrit Glaser
Visual Perception Sensors pdf
Benjamin Scholz
The Crucial Components to Solve the Picking Problem pdf
Marc Bestmann & Lasse Einig
2017-11-20 Christian Körnig
Motion Planning in Exploration Missions pdf videos
Judith Hartfill
Pose Estimation for Robotic Soccer Players pdf
Danu Caus
Data Filtering for Sensor Fusion in the Context of Orientation Computing pdf
Robin Schlünsen
Surface Reconstruction pdf
Lasse Einig Marc Bestmann
2017-11-27 Waleed Mustafa
Human Robot Adpation pdf
Helge Wrede
Robots with Legs pdf
Morteza Haghshenas
Evolving Soft Robots
Mariela Sanchez
Robotics Assistance for Support Disabilities Conditions
Lasse Einig Marc Bestmann
2017-12-04 Massimo Innocentini
Belief-Desire-Intention Model pdf
Sebastian Lembcke
SLAM - Visual Loop-Closure Detection pdf
Ilay Köksal
Physical HRI pdf
Nicolás Pérez de Olaguer Santamaría
Computer-Integrated Surgery pdf
Marc Bestmann Lasse Einig
2017-12-11 Ronja Güldenring
Control Grasps using Tactile Feedback pdf
Parth Sarthi Pandey
Aerial Swarm Robotics pdf
Hadi Beik Mohammadi
Robot Control with Deep Reinforcement Learning pdf
Ann-Katrin Thebille
Trust in Social HRI pdf
Lasse Einig Marc Bestmann
2017-12-18 Sachin Sharma
Interconnected Intelligent Cars pdf
Rakesh Ramaswamy
Bio-Inspired Bio-Mechanical Robots
Shreyans Bhansali
Multi-Robot Motion Planning* pdf
Jaime Amate Ramirez
Database Visualization and GPU Computing*
Marc Bestamnn & Lasse Einig
2018-01-05 Draft submission deadline
2018-01-08 Mariela Sanchez
Robotics Assistance for Support Disabilities Conditions
Morteza Haghshenas
Convolutional Neural Networks for Human Action Recognition
Marc Bestmann & Lasse Einig
2018-01-15 Review Writing Assistance
2018-01-19 Review submission deadline
2018-01-22 Seminar Paper Peer Review (SPPR):
The SPPR is supposed to improve your own writing skills and give you feedback on your seminar paper. Each student must submit their draft until January 5th, 2017 at 14:00 o'clock. On January 8th, the submitted papers will be raffled among the other submitted papers such that each student who has submitted a paper will receive two other papers for review. The review is due on January 19th at 14:00 o'clock and will be returned to the original author and discussed on January 22nd. Reviews following the review template and with sufficient quality will receive a bonus for the reviewers own seminar paper. Reviews may be anonymous on request (using a unique review ID) or the reviewer can discuss the review with the paper author. Please note, that only the latter part of the review will be handed to the author. The first part remains with the lecturer.
The review process has two main objectives. The first is for the reviewed author to receive feedback on his paper in order to improve his submission regarding the structure, scientific content, comprehensibility, wording and spelling. The second objective is for the reviewer to see how other student write their seminar paper and to see what other students do better to improve their own writing.
A draft has the same length as the final paper. It may be missing the last touch on grammar and language. In order to pass the draft round, your draft must obey the same requirements as the final submission.
Marc Bestmann & Lasse Einig
2018-01-29 Seminar Paper Peer Review Discussion
Marc Bestmann & Lasse Einig
2018-02-05 Final paper submission deadline