Fachbereich Informatik

64-425 Integrated Seminar: Intelligent Robotics

Rooms G-021/G-022, G-102
Time Mo 16:15 - 17:45 Uhr
Organizers Lasse Einig, Sebastian Starke

Topics / Ideas

These are just templates for your imagination - you're very welcome to come up with your own ideas! Your idea must be robotics related and may be rejected if it does not fit the seminar.


Rules of Conduct


Date G-021/G-022 G-102
2016-10-17 Introduction to our group, possible topics, scheduling presentations
2016-10-24 Cancelled
2016-10-31 Khooshal Saurty
SLAM: Comparative Approach
Nils Rokita
Pitfalls Using Simulation in Robotics
Julius Mayer
Genetic Algorithms in Robotics
Masoud Moeini
Dynamics Analysis for a 3-PRS Spatial Parallel Manipulator-Wearable Haptic Thimble
Sebastian Starke Lasse Einig
2016-11-07 Yiming Zhao
Adaptive PID Controller
Ibrahim Elsayed Dahmash
Ethics in Human-Robot Interaction
Sebastian Starke & Lasse Einig
2016-11-14 Yannick Jonetzko
Grasp Planning with Antropomorphic Manipulators
Thomas Maier
Distance Sensors: Sound, Light and Vision
Gitanjali Nair
Manipulation and Tactile Sensing
Lasse Einig Sebastian Starke
2016-11-21 Samuel Bagdassarian
Radar Sensors for Intelligent Cars
Waleed Mustafa
Optimization of Neural Networks (specification)
Kai Brusch
Brain Computer Interfaces for Full Body Movement and Embodiment
Olena Soroka
A Modified ICP Algorithm for 3D Point Cloud Registration
Lasse Einig Sebastian Starke
2016-11-28 Nikoletta Xirakia
Human-Robot Interaction: Cognitive Models and the Theory of Mind
Fabian Karl
Robotic Grasping: Learning Methods
Josip Josifovski
Neural Models for Multi-Sensor Integration in Robotics
Robert Brown
Multi-Agent Robotic Systems in Logistics
Sebastian Starke Eugen Richter
2016-12-05 Lennart Manthey
Communication of Swarm Robots
Parth Sarthi Pandey
Spatial Data Structures for Robotics
Mehdi Goudarzi
Object Recognition using SIFT features
Daniel Ahlers
Road Lane Detection for Intelligent Cars
Dennis Krupke Lasse Einig
2016-12-12 Oleksii Oliinyk
Title #1
Krishnan Chandran
Empathy in Human-Robot Interaction
Irina Barykina
Intelligent Prosthesis: From Sensor Data to Motion Generation
Fares Abawi
Indoor Sound Localization
Florens Wasserfall Lasse Einig
2016-12-19 Wang Yong
Collision Avoidance of Moving Obstacles using Lidar Sensors for Autonomous Vehicles
Danial Bagheri
ROS and Unity
Sebastian Starke & Lasse Einig
2017-01-09 Seminar Paper Peer Review (SPPR):
The SPPR is a voluntary option to improve your own writing skills and receive feedback on your seminar paper. Each participating student will submit their draft until January 6th, 2017 at 14:00 o'clock. On January 9th, the submitted papers will be raffled among the other submitted papers such that each student who has submitted a paper will receive two other papers for review. The review is due on January 20th at 14:00 o'clock and will be returned to the original author and discussed on January 23rd. Reviews following the review template and with sufficient quality will receive a bonus for the reviewers own seminar paper. Reviews may be anonymous on request (using a unique review ID) or the reviewer can discuss the review with the paper author. Please note, that only the latter part of the review will be handed to the author. The first part remains with the lecturer.
The review process has two main objectives. The first is for the reviewed author to receive feedback on his paper in order to improve his submission regarding the structure, scientific content, comprehensibility, wording and spelling. The second objective is for the reviewer to see how other student write their seminar paper and to see what other students do better to improve their own writing.
Sebastian Starke & Lasse Einig
2017-01-16 Waleed Mustafa
Inverse Kinematics - Jacobian and others
Sri Gowry Sritharan
Motion Planning: A* and Dijkstra Algorithm
Sönke Rölke
Integrated Symbolic Planning
Kristian Stefanac
Title #1
Sebastian Starke & Lasse Einig
2017-01-23 Seminar Paper Peer Review Discussion
Sebastian Starke & Lasse Einig
2017-01-30 cancelled (you may use this date for discussion with the supervisors)
Sebastian Starke & Lasse Einig