Fachbereich Informatik

64.425 Integrated Seminar: Intelligent Robotics

Rooms G-021/G-022, G-102
Time Mo 16:15 - 17:45 Uhr
Organizers Jianwei Zhang, Lasse Einig, Eugen Richter

Topics / Ideas

These are just templates for your imagination - you're very welcome to come up with your own ideas!


Rules of Conduct


Date G-021/G-022 G-102
2015-10-12 Introduction to our group, possible topics, scheduling presentations
2015-10-19 Introduction to LaTeX
2015-10-26 Leena Chennuru Vankadara
Optimiziation of Neural Networks
2015-11-02 Oke Martensen
Robot Control with Continuous Reinforcement Learning
2015-11-09 Alvin Rindra Fazrie
Human-Robot Interaction: Language Acquisition
Mansoureh Ziaei Najafabadi
Genetic Algorithms and Their Application in Robotics
Sibel Toprak
Integrating Vision and Haptics for Object Recognition
Maham Tanveer
Handling Uncertain Input in Multi-User Human-Robot Interaction
Lasse Einig Eugen Richter
2015-11-16 Peter Wueppen
Kalman Filter
Thi Linh Chi Nguyen
Imitation Learning
Quan Nguyen
Non-Parametric Filter
Cuong Nguyen Viet
Subsumption Architectures in Swarm Robotics
Eugen Richter Lasse Einig
2015-11-23 Josip Josifovski
Object Recognition: SIFT vs Convolutional Neural Networks
Morteza Hagshenas
Software Architecture: Jadex, Player/Stage and Mira
Mohammad Dorgham
Human Detection: A State-Of-The-Art Survey
Martin Poppinga
SLAM: Comparative Survey<
Eugen Richter Lasse Einig
2015-11-30 Maximilian Machleidt
PID Controllers
Shahin Imanverdiyev
Oke Martensen
Robot Control with Continuous Reinforcement Learning
Nikolas Janssen
Lasse Einig Yiming Zhao
Motion Planning: A* and Dikstra's algorithm
2015-12-07 Mohammad Ali Asgharpour Setyani
Decision Making in Multi-Agent Settings: Dec-POMDP
Erik Fliesswasser
Surface Reconstruction with Alpha Shapes
Thomas Hummel
Morphogenetic Self-Reconfiguration of Modular Robots
Paul Anton
Semantic Maps: A Multi-Hierarchical Model
Lasse Einig Eugen Richter
2015-12-14 Bente Reichardt
Robot Walking with Genetic Algorithms
Sebastian Springenberg
Human-Robot Interaction: Vision-based Hand Gesture Recognition
Niels-Ole Rohweder
Intelligent Cars: Improving Traffic Flow and Vehicle Safety
Nikhil Churamani
Intelligent Cars: Lane Detection Systems for Driver Assistance Systems
Eugen Richter Lasse Einig
2016-01-04 Waleed Mustafa
Deep Learning for Detecting Robotic Grasps
Philip Bradfield
Katinka Böhm
Ant Colony Optimization: Approaches in Robot Path Planning
Julius Mayer
Robots and Cellular Automata
Eugen Richter Lasse Einig
2016-01-11 Rosemarie Lohr
Marian Gläser
Sritharan Sri Gowry
Software Architecture: ROS and Microsoft Robotics
Kristian Stefanac
Environment Detection in Autonomous Cars
Lasse Einig cancelled
2016-01-18 14:15 Atefeh Mousavi
Legged Capsule Robots in Medicine
Annika Roszak
Surgical Systems: daVinci and Cyberknife
Please note the altered starting time Hwei Geok Ng
Biosensing for Health Applications
Khooshal Saurty
Time of Flight Sensors
Lasse Einig
2016-01-25 Time to review/discuss paper submissions as well as grades for talks and submitted papers. No attendance required. If you would like to talk about your paper/talk, please be on time in G-021/G-022