Fachbereich Informatik

64-476 Oberseminar Technische Aspekte Multimodaler Systeme

Raum F-334
Zeit Dienstag 16 - 18 Uhr (c.t.)
Veranstalter Jianwei Zhang


14.10. Vorbesprechung

21.10. Grasp Adaption with SynTouch Sensors
Vortragende: Bente Reichardt

28.10. Collaborative and Opportunistic Scheduling in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks for Autonomous Multi-robot Systems
Vortragender: Dr. Zhisheng Niu
Folien: Seminar Presentation

04.11. Dies Academicus
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11.11. Multi Robot Coordination
Vortragender: Xiaoxiang Zheng
Zusammenfassung: Our new colleague will introduce himself and summarize his previous work.

18.11. Android User Interface for the Hades Simulation Framework
Vortragender: Johann Basnakowski

25.11. Szenenabhängige Online-Adaption von Manipulationssequenzen für einen Serviceroboter
Vortragender: Steffen Rühl

02.12. Sensor-based Object Handover with a Manipulator for Human-Robot-Interaction
Vortragender: Johannes Liebrecht
Abstract: One goal in human-robot interaction is the achievement of a safe, efficient and natural object handover. Humans employ a complex mixture of speech, gestures, arm motions and tactile sensing to detect and indicate the phases of the handover, but robots have comparatively very limited sensory and motor abilities, which results to the loss of natural object handover. The focus of this master thesis is the restoration of the natural object handover.
A part of this work deals with the development of a robot system, which can identify, pick, place and weigh objects. For this purpose, the integration of hardware and software components with the software framework MoveIt! were made. In addition, software components are designed and developed to capture the full functionality of existing hardware components.
The developed robot system was used in experiments for improving the object handover. The obtained knowledge shows for example that people notice and dislike any kind of restrictions in force directions during object handover. Further- more, the force required to initialize the object released by the robot should be approximately one Newton above the loading force of the object. The findings could be used for the further development of controllers and motion planners.
Initial experimental results were published under the title “Multi-modal clues for efficient human-robot object handover: a case study with elderly users” at the RO-MAN 2014 conference and at IROS 2014 with the title “Natural Robot-Human Handover Combining Force and Tactile Sensors”. At the end of my talk listeners are invited to try the human-robot object handover yourself at room F330-a.

09.12. tbd

16.12. tbd
Vortragender: tbd

06.01. Towards integration of circuits into 3D-printed parts
2. Vortragender: Florens Wasserfall

13.01. A Novel Shape Descriptor named Spherical Entropy Image and its Rotation-invariant versions
Vortragender: Bo Sun
Abstract: In this talk, I will start by recapping Spherical Entropy Image (SEI) we proposed last year briefly, and then talk about its application in 3D scan registration as a global shape descriptor. After that, I will focus on two rotation invariant vesions of SEI. One is based on the Spherical Fourier Transform of the original SEI; another is based on the repeatable Local Reference Frame. Finally, we could talk about the potential applications of rotation invariant SEIs.
Folien: WS2014_Bo Sun.pdf (<1M)

20.01. tbd

27.01. tbd