Fachbereich Informatik

64-476 Oberseminar Technische Aspekte Multimodaler Systeme

Raum F-334
Zeit Dienstag 16 - 18 Uhr (c.t.)
Veranstalter Jianwei Zhang


15.10. Vorbesprechung

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03.12. A Global Feature-less Scan Registration Strategy Based on Spherical Structural Representation
Vortragender: Bo Sun
Zusammenfassung: The scan registration is the fundamental of several advanced 3D data processing techniques, and the majority of existing global registration methods are dependent on explicit features. This talk will introduce a global feature-less scan registration strategy based on Spherical structural representation via the Generalized Convolution Theorem. The 3D rotation is decoupled from 3D translation by computing the Spherical structural representation of the scan. The rotation is then estimated by the Generalized Convolution Theorem based on Spherical Fourier Transform. Finally, the translation is recovered by a classical method named Phase Only Matching Filter.No particular features in the input data are pre-requisite to our method.
Folien WS2013_Bo Sun.pdf 1.2 M pdf

10.12. Reasearch for manipulators on Chinas space station
Vortragender: Meng Chen
Abstract: Space station construction is the eternal topic of space and future exploration for human being. Facing the complex tasks in the construction and operational phases such as cabin assembly, module replacement, in-orbit maintenance and service, etc., space manipulator system is an alternative important tool to the astronauts engaged in repeated and heavy labor. Based on the author’s experience of research and development in space station robotic arms, this report systematically introduces the tasks, functions, critical technologies and solutions corresponding to manipulations of China’s Space Station. Moreover, the mathematical modeling, the simulation analysis and the experimental verification are displayed regarding to both physical prototypes and virtual prototyping. Finally, the report also introduces relative research works with respect to space docking mechanism, robotics of moon rover, dexterous manipulator and reconfigurable tetrahedral robot, as well as the future work.

17.12. ????
Vortragender: Robin Luckey

23.12. -- 05.01. Weihnachtsferien

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Vortragender: Gerrit Glaser

14.01. ????
Vortragender: Dennis Krupke

21.01. cancelled
Vortragender: Haojun Guan
Announcement: Due to the following 3 reasons, the oberseminar is cancelled:
1. RACE Year2 review will take place in the seminar room.
2. The presenter just had two teeth taken out last week, it is unable to speak for that long time.
3. The presenter is tring his best to prepare a conference paper.

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