Fachbereich Informatik

64-476 Oberseminar Technische Aspekte Multimodaler Systeme

Raum F-334
Zeit Dienstag 16 - 18 Uhr (c.t.)
Veranstalter Jianwei Zhang


02.04. Vorbesprechung und Terminvergabe

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23.04. Patient-adaptive X-ray collimation using a radiation-free, optical system
Vortragende: Robert Wieczoreck
Zusammenfassung: In the field of digital radiography, X-ray beam collimation means to restrict the radiated area to the anatomy of interest by shaping the X-ray beam with a collimator. The main purpose is to reduce the patient dose, but it also reduces scattered radiation and thus increases the image quality. Yet it is a labour-intensive and time-consuming tasks for the personnel. In some markets collimation is performed carelessly due to cost pressure and patient throughput maximization. Optical structured light depth sensors are low-cost webcam-like devices originally developed as input devices for the gaming industry that are able to deliver 3D depth maps of the environment in real time and thus allow for advanced 3D object recognition and tracking.
This thesis presents a method to automate the collimation process of a chest radiography using such a depth sensor. Different body detection approaches are investigated to identify the patient in the depth data. An empirical study is conducted to extract knowledge that is required to locate the lung region. Finally, a prototype is developed and integrated into an Philips X-ray system that is able to automatically control the X-ray beam collimator according to the patient's specific body dimensions.

30.04. ????
Vortragende: Kai Essers

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14.05. Mixed Reality in the Context of a Smart Mobile System
Vortragender: Sebastian Rockel
Zusammenfassung: In the scientific field of complex and learning mobile systems the aspects of Planning, Evaluation, Reasoning and Learning are ongoing topics of debate.
This work tries to give a recent overview of these topics within the context of the EU FP7 project RACE and shows current work on Mixed Reality to improve the mentioned aspects within such systems.
Slides: [PDF]

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04.06. Canceled, because the speaker is busy with writing his thesis.
Vortragender: Nobody, Sorry

11.06. Smart Camera Systems for Mobile Service Robots

In this talk I will show recent research results of my research work, in particular:
-implementation of an advanced GStreamer ROS interface
-overhead of interprocess communication
-GPU processing and estimation of processing power of future types of smart cameras

Vortragender: Hannes Bistry
Slides:  PDF format

18.06. Planar Segment based Three-Dimensional Robotic Mapping:

A Uniform Framework for Scan-Scan Registration, Map Merging and Scan-Map Registration

Vortragender: Junhao Xiao

25.06. Hierarchical Control of Limbless Locomotion Using a Bio-inspired CPG Model
Vortragender: Guoyuan Li

02.07. Haptic perception in in-hand manipulation system
Vortragender: Junhu He

Vortragender: Weiwei Kong
Cancel, because that the speaker is busy with the CINACS summer school visa application arrangements. This talk is arranged to present the speaker's IROS2013 paper, involving the basic set-up of the system, the Active Contour algorithm, and the calibration method for the infrared camera. Any comments and discussions are welcomed.