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  Applets A selection of applets developed by our group:
cmos   prima   kvd   bdd   fsm   baukasten   hades   calculator
VLSI yield VLSI chip yield demonstration.
CMOS Java CMOS technology demonstration. A set of applets to visualize the logical principles behind CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) transistors and gates. The applets include single transistors, simple and complex gates, and flipflops: English | German version. We also have a separate applet for the six-transistor SRAM cell.
PRIMA The PRIMA applet simulates a very simple von-Neumann computer, the 'PRImitive MAchine'. The applet allows to edit and to execute simple programs. Java-1.0 compatible.
KVD The Karnaugh-Veitch-diagram applet allows the interactive minimization of logical functions with up to 6 inputs and 8 outputs, in either conjunctive or disjunctive form (AND-OR, OR-AND). Minimize the example functions or try your own functions. Java-1.0 compatible.
JavaFSM An interactive state-machine editor and simulator. The applets supports both Mealy- and Moore-machines, and VHDL-export. Java-1.0 compatible, documentation available in German only.
Baukasten The 'Rechnerbaukasten' (German for computer construction kit) is a set of applets embedded in an online-tutorial about computer architecture. Java-1.0 compatible.
HADES The "Hamburg Design System" homepage. HADES is framework for discrete-event simulation based on Java-1.1 and JavaBeans. Currently, about 200 simulation models for digital system design are available, from gate- and RT-level to system-level. download area, B-Tutorium
Calculator An interactive calculator with text-mode input, logging output, and support for many standard math functions. Offline version available, too.
3Dnow! A small applet to demonstrate the iterations to approximate the reciprocal (1/x) and reciprocal square root (1/sqrt(x)) functions used by the 3Dnow! instruction set from AMD.
  Fun applets a few less 'technical' applets, but also by our group...
dance   mastermind
Dance The dance tutor. Select your dance and some music, and watch your steps...
English, German.
JavaMIND The game of "mastermind" online.
RegexFilenameChanger Simple tool to rename files based on regular expressions.
  Archive Documentation and download area. Please note that some of the following links are only accessible locally (domain informatik.uni-hamburg.de) or via passwords, due to copyright restrictions.

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  Documentation Java language and API online-documentation on this server.