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Traffic light controller demo

Traffic light controller demo screenshot


A simple traffic-light as a first demonstration of the JavaFSM interactive state-machine editor included in Hades. The stop input can be used to keep the traffic-light in the green-states for either of both roads. An (active low) value at the reset input will force the state-machine into its starting state.

Note that the graphical symbol for the state machine shows an interactive miniature version of the FSM, highlighting the current state and the currently active transition.

To edit the state-machine, activate the popup-menu on the FSM symbol and select the edit menu item. This opens the editor window for the FSM, which uses a mode-oriented user-interface.

JavaFSM can also be used as a standalone applet, e.g. to demonstrate simple Mealy- or Moore-machines. Please click here

for the standalone JavaFSM applet.

Run the applet | Run the editor (via Webstart)

Impressum | 24.11.06