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Four-digit decimal counter with TTL-series 74390

Four-digit decimal counter with TTL-series 74390  screenshot


A four-digit asynchronous decimal counter built from two TTL-series 74390 integrated circuits.

To speed-up or slow-down the counting, open the property sheet of the clock generator (popup menu, edit component) of the clock generator and change the clock period.

Each 74390 integrated circuit contains the equivalent of two 7490 decimal counters (see the previous applet) with a common reset input. Again, the 1:10 counter is realized in two stages of 1:2 and 1:5. For a decimal counter, the CLKB input is connected to the QA output of the 1:2 stage.

The applet shows a simple trick to build a multiple stage counter. A single AND gate connected to the A and D outputs of the counter flipflops provides the clock signal for the next counter stage. This works because the counter flipflops are sensitive to the falling edge of the clock input. The AND gate outputs a logical 1 while the counter holds the value nine (bit-pattern 1001) and changes back to logical 0 when the counter changes to zero (0000). This generates the falling clock-edge for the next stage counter.

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Impressum | 24.11.06