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Two-phase non-overlapping clock generator

Two-phase non-overlapping clock generator screenshot


This NOR-flipflop based circuit implements a non-overlapping two-phase clock signal generator and can be used to derive a two-phase clock signal from a single and possibly non-symmetrical clock signal. For an explanation of the circuit and a detailed discussion of circuit clock strategies see N.H.E.Weste and K.Eshragian, Principles of CMOS design, 1993, section 5.5.10.

While the upper circuit uses 'typical' gate-delays in the nanosecond range, the bottom circuit uses slowed-down gate-delays of 0.2 seconds per gate. This should make it easier to observe the idea behind the circuit.

A few example waveforms to illustrate the timing:
two-phase clock generator waveforms

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Impressum | 24.11.06